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That was great :)

All my 5 are belong to you.

Starktoons responds:

Thanks! :D

That was.... errr..... quick.

In animation timing is everything. Maybe you should consider showing less, for a little longer next time :) It was well done, but I can't remember a thing cause it was so dang quick!

Keep at it - you seem to be very talented.

writtenWit responds:

Thanks man. Sorry it was meant to just be a spoof on the Adventure Time intro so I tried to match the timing to that. But still I understand you're point!


Sweet idea Kojay!

Keep at it!

kojay responds:

ishnt it great when your able to pull out an idea thats been swimming in your head for ages

hey, nice work.

Very nice work.

I'd like to suggest you trying to use manual focus while filming since your camera sometimes focuses itself on objects in the back groung and puts a blur like out of focus effect on the clay characters that you wish to show. other then that its pretty sweet. I never thought about the use of flash effects in a stop motion movie. thanks for the idea :D

Keep at it! 5/5

Lino responds:

Thank you! And about the focus thing, I am currently animating with a webcam. Which has no manual focus, but i'll be animating with my camcorder soon, and hopefully it'll focus better. :D

nice idea, could be better :S

hey Snicp.

Monoshluk here.

I really liked the idea, the name and the drawings. The cartoon itself is well made.
I hope to see something longer from you in the future. you are very talented and still lack some script writing. 90% of an animation is made in the script writing and storyboard process. drawing is just the finishing touch.

9/10 from me!

Snicp responds:

thanks bro ill take that in mind


I saw the reviews (death threats) you got for your first "DBZ is Gay" cartoon.

I'm giving you 10\10 for it being really funny (and I do like DBZ, at least used to) and for making 2 sequels (really... ROFL).

You should stick to C&C though, it seems like a less life threatening subject ;)

- Nir -

Killerratte responds:

I can't let the plot i planned die ! It's too bad i won't find any time for part 4 ...



I have no idea how you made it.... but that was AWSOME!

I'd get into details but whats the use.... it was all great!



Killerratte responds:

I used Flash 8, like everyone else :P.


I have watched few of your works before getting to "Chanter tales", from watching your latest submission i thought you were good enough for digging a little further. now you have won a place of honor in my Favorite artists list.

The story you have come up with is, like many have said before, very interesting and original, which I find remarkable. The smooth frame by frame animation is rarely seen on Newgrounds and you have done a great job on working it out, showing great patience and talent.

Was it made by Rotoscoping or with references and keyframes? Either way, it was very well done.

I'll be waiting for the 3rd part of this series and for any other submission you will add.

5/5 from me.

Keep at it!


Ghosty22 responds:

Yay! Place of honor!

Some other people thought it was rotoscoped, but I don't even know how I would begin to rotoscope something. I know how it works in theory, but I don't have the tools... But I do take it as a great compliment when people say it looks rotoscoped. References? Not sure what that means in the animation world...

Everything in Chanter Tales is drawn with the mouse. I guess my techniques change a lot. Sometimes I make movieclips of Nuok walking in place, and then I tween the clip to make it move. Other times I FBF him walking from one point to another. In which case I'd use a more Disney-like technique, where I'd draw the starting and ending pictures, and then the one in between... Then I'd draw the frames in between each of those and so on.

A bit predicted but a beautiful lesson

I might be one of the only ones who survived the long reading. I must say, wheter this is a true story or just a made up one, its trully heartbreaking.

About the way its made though I have some "Complaints" you might want to take. The idea of turning the book pages is cute, but take to much time. It could be better if the pages turned by themselves or something...or at least if the "Switch Page" buttons were a bit bigger and at the same place. I know its a bit too picky but many ppl are not as paitiant as me, If I may say :P and might not "survive" the flash to its end. The music is awsome, fits to the story like a glove, although the fact that it repeats itself endlessly can drive one crazy, or at least make not wanna hear that melody ever again. You might want to consider that.

I liked it. Its something unique IMHO. I haven't seen many "Sit&Read" flash animations so far, although its not yet perfect I think its a way of flash using that should be minded. Reading should be promoted on paper, Tv and even internet animations. I loved the animated words and effects you entered your story fonts. Those were really nice to look for with every page. To sum my long long review....you did a really good job.


Well just to let you know that it isn't a true story nor even based on one. But yeah, I do take into account the complaints you have, because I've had others make the same complaints too. You're probably right about it being a little too slow paced too as I'm sure a lot of people would of just closed it before the end and gave it a low score.

But thanks for the review, a lot of constructive critism that I wish more people would give tbh

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