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I really like your technique. although the graphics are great you lack some movment and animation. Your commercial seem to rely on Motion Tweens and it really damages the good looks and the porffessional feeling that should be given of a movie with such great visual control. I can see you are very fond with Tim Burton's style, you control it well - keep at it ;)

after all, very nice.


another great work

:D That was great!

nice animation and sweet jokes ;P


I have watched few of your works before getting to "Chanter tales", from watching your latest submission i thought you were good enough for digging a little further. now you have won a place of honor in my Favorite artists list.

The story you have come up with is, like many have said before, very interesting and original, which I find remarkable. The smooth frame by frame animation is rarely seen on Newgrounds and you have done a great job on working it out, showing great patience and talent.

Was it made by Rotoscoping or with references and keyframes? Either way, it was very well done.

I'll be waiting for the 3rd part of this series and for any other submission you will add.

5/5 from me.

Keep at it!


Ghosty22 responds:

Yay! Place of honor!

Some other people thought it was rotoscoped, but I don't even know how I would begin to rotoscope something. I know how it works in theory, but I don't have the tools... But I do take it as a great compliment when people say it looks rotoscoped. References? Not sure what that means in the animation world...

Everything in Chanter Tales is drawn with the mouse. I guess my techniques change a lot. Sometimes I make movieclips of Nuok walking in place, and then I tween the clip to make it move. Other times I FBF him walking from one point to another. In which case I'd use a more Disney-like technique, where I'd draw the starting and ending pictures, and then the one in between... Then I'd draw the frames in between each of those and so on.

Man, that was absolutly awsome!

I just watched it twice!

what an amazing work! I really love your random style switches and control over each of them. you really show professional skills!

5/5 from me - and made my favorites!

Start working on another one, I'll be waiting! :P



First of all, allow me to say that I liked your work.

with that said i'd like to note some problems that I found in it. First of all, you seem to have a really good understanding of Frame building. very cinematic. but the lack of animation of FBF is felt all over and takes alot of the "joy" of watching. you should work on that. cause you sure have talent. Ontop of that, I'd like to say that I didn't lite the changes you made in the charcters. Manga kids has nothing to do with the subject in which your movie is based on. If you want to show something Grim such as the holocaust (sp?) you should do it realistic as possible or at least give it the full respect that you seem (and should) give the subject. Also, think about changing the music, cause as nice as it maybe it doesn't fit aswell.

I know I'm being kinda harsh, But I'd like to still say that I really liked your work and will be looking for future works from you.

Take care,


Hey man!

To be honest, I'm not so fond with Tween animation, although! this one had some awsome parts.

Very well done! and very funny aswell!

Try putting more FBF animaiton into use. you did have some, and it showed great talent, so why not use it ^^

Keep at it, I'm off to watch more of your works!

The review above me said it all!

The review above me said it all!

Great job man!

Its very artistic - even if that wasn't your intention.

Good job.


I was moving my crossor torwards the "0" grade, when I got to the last part, the one with Snoop Dog. Guys, Overall its really bad, especially for a collaboration, BUT, the snoop dog made me LOL so It saved the movie from my "Wrath" :P

lol @ Snoop Kirby!

7 from me.

Very well done!

I wish I understood what the song was about, although I didn't understand, it was really nice to hear.

The art of the movie was awsome. there were few setbacks with motion tweens and so, but overall it was awsome. I really like your Comic like esthetics - Camera angles, Eprssive shots and Framing.

Very well done, I'll be waiting for more submits from you.

Keep at it!

nice work


First of all I'd like to say that I'm not fond with Motion Tweened animation so much, and with that said I would like to suggest that you try to make some classic frame-by-frame animation to make your charcters alittle more apealing and interesting.

Other then that, I kinda liked it. Those creatures were nicely made and the idea with the one eyed sunglasses made the movie for me :).

Anyway, You put a great effort on making it, and it shows, but sometimes sitting alittle longer and making it a little better makes a huge differance.

Good job,
Hope to see more of your work in the future.
Good luck.

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